Alaskans Deserve Better

It is time for a change! Partisan politics have stymied the growth and opportunities that await Alaskans. Constant budget cutting without increasing revenues has only exacerbated our problems.


Public Education

Alaska is ranked 46th nationally in pre-school through 12th grade, because of our low scores in the areas of college readiness, high school graduation rate, and pre-school enrollment. Yet we spend more per student than most of the other states. We know that Alaskan schools have unique challenges so we need to address the specific reasons that we are falling behind, and develop a budget that supports our communities, principals and educators in addressing our education problems. Our children deserve better.

state toopers.jpeg

Public Safety

Public safety is almost at a crisis in Alaska. Cutting the budget has led to a high number of state troopers taking jobs where the pay and benefits are much better — in other states. Reducing crime starts with enforcement!

We need more Alaska State Troopers to stay in Alaska; therefore we must be competitive with our pay and benefits to these men and women who place their lives at risk to keep us safe. Alaskans deserve to feel safe in their communities.


Health Care Costs

Simply stated, our health care costs are out of control! There are several reasons why Alaskans pay far more than they should for medical care, but in some case we pay 300-500% more than average lower 48 costs! Employee insurance benefits are decreasing because employers can’t afford the ever increasing insurance costs.

We desperately need more nurses, physician assistants, and mental health care providers. Expansion of our state’s telecommunication capabilities will enable telemedicine services and reduce the need for in-person visits to the doctor. Alaskans deserve affordable health care.