The Common Sense Candidate with Bold Solutions for the Alaska that we deserve.

  • It is time to put aside partisan obstructionism.  We can no longer tolerate having the most expensive health care in the world, one of the lowest performance rankings in education, and the highest crime rates in the country without offering effective solutions.
        •    Without a long term diversified fiscal plan, Alaskans will continue to see cuts to public education, public safety, and health care.  We can’t rely on the oil and gas industry to sustain us through the ups and downs of oil prices. We must focus on actions that increase revenue while protecting our Permanent Fund Dividend. 

    •    We must use our money wisely. We can improve the quality of our education, reduce crime, and lower health care costs by addressing the core problems. It is not enough to throw money at problems, we need to see results, and ensure that our money is being spent on fixing the problems that contribute to our poor ratings. 

    •    We must ensure that our students are competitive for jobs in Alaska and the global market. 

    •    We must manage our natural resources for the long-term sustainability and benefit to all Alaskans who rely on the income from these resources while encouraging new industry development.

I am running as an Independent Candidate so that I can serve my district, unencumbered by partisan politics, as I once served my country. I have the background, education, and commitment to service that it takes to move our state forward. I will work for you.